Renaissance Dining

Luxury Furniture presents “the Renaissance” dining room. Italian designed and inspired, this magnificent original dining room adds originality and style to any home.

Item Dimensions Price
Dining Table 142,5"W x 50"D x 30.7"H $6,590.00
Dining Table 94.5"W x 50"D x 30,7"H $5,168.00
Round Dining Table Ø54"x 30,7"H $3,179.00
Side Chair 21,8"W x 21.7"D x 37.5"H $476.00
Arm Chair 24"W x 22.6"D x 37.5"H $544.00
2 Door Showcase 52.4"W x 20.8"D x 36.3"H $3,740.00
Buffet 80.2"W x 20"D x 36.3"H $3,795.00
Buffet Mirror 111.9"W x 4.5"D x 91"H $1,188.00
Commode 39.4"W x 19.5"D x 36.3"H $1,595.00